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Platform & Software

Software as a Service

Our platform is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. This means you always have access to the latest updates and improvements without having to worry about maintenance and management. You can access your compliance data anytime, anywhere, ensuring ultimate flexibility and convenience.

Plug & play
What sets our platform apart is its user-friendliness. All our knowledge and content are fully integrated into the software. As a result, we offer a plug-and-play solution that is ready to use immediately. No complicated installation processes or time-consuming training - our software is operational and easy to use right away.

Streamline compliance drives your succes
Our platform is designed to help you achieve maximum compliance with minimal impact. This means we take over the redundant tasks so that you can concentrate on what truly matters. With our software, you can easily demonstrate that you meet all the necessary standards and regulations, without sacrificing your valuable time and resources.



Minimize the time spent on compliance and focus on your core business. One of the primary benefits of our platform is the significant time savings it provides through predefined tasks and workflows. 

Knowlegde &content

All our knowledge and content is embedded within the application. We provide extensive explanations, step-by-step plans, and countless templates directly in our platform. This wealth of resources ensures that you have everything you need at your fingertips to stay compliant efficiently and effectively.


Plug-and-play solution with no hassle. Our platform is designed with the user in mind. Through intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboards, users can quickly gain an overview of various components. These clear and organized dashboards provide at-a-glance insights into your compliance status, helping you manage and track your compliance efforts with ease.

Always compliant

Our platform ensures that your compliance status is continually monitored and maintained, giving you peace of mind and the ability to provide proof of compliance whenever needed. Thus, audit proof 365 days a year!

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